Summer 2016: LN2 Overclocking Event in Pennsylvania

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On July 23rd and 24th we’re having a benching party and get-together. The event will be held at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Harrisburg, PA. Bring your own hardware! LN2 and event space will be provided by the great folks at Corsair. We will also have appearances from the crew at OCTV, lnlcooling’s sealed purge case, and some goodies from HWBOT.

For all you folks at home, we’ll share links to live-streaming as the date approaches.


When – July 23rd and 24th 2016

Where – Clarion Hotel & Conference Center in Harrisburg, PA

148 Sheraton Dr., New Cumberland, PA 17070

Tel: 717-774-2721

Rooms – The hotel blocked out a decent number of rooms for us at a rate of $89/night. The code for the reduced room rate is “Overclockers Party”. This is not available on-line you must call the hotel. The rate is also only available for the Friday and Saturday night.

Event Details

The idea for this event traces back to a party at Witchdoctor’s (Brian) last summer. We had a great crew of OCF-ers and, even though humidity was a bit of an issue, an excellent time was had by all. I knew that group benching was something I definitely wanted to do again! Since Brian’s semi-retired (hopefully he comes back at some point) and I don’t have the space to do something like this, I thought that if there was enough interest, we could all chip in for a venue and LN2. Starting with an idea thread at OCF, it became clear that others were also game so I created threads on a number of enthusiast sites to gauge interest.

First thing was to identify a suitable venue. Other than availability (a lot of venues were already booked out), our key criteria was the power. The Clarion has the most available power of any of the venues in that part of PA. Next was identifying a good source for LN2. One of our teammates (hotrod) got us an excellent deal on LN2!

As things progressed, steponz (Joe) offered to reach out to one of his industry contacts to see if they’d be interested in helping out. Lo and behold, Corsair stepped up to the plate for us and agreed to be our primary sponsor! They’re covering the cost of the 1,800 sq/ft ballroom and 2,300 L of liquid nitrogen. That makes this event totally free for all attendees (excluding hotel rooms, but we got a nice rate for people who’ll be staying there).

Once word started to spread, Massman (Pieter) from reached out to me with kind, positive words and asked if we needed any help. They’re sending a few goodies along to give out to attendees. Which is very cool and are also sending along an i7 6950X for people to try with their own GPUs (hardware sharing rules apply so people will only be able to submit 3D benchmarks with this chip).

Other goodness is another of our teammates, lnlcooling, will be bringing one of their full setups. It’s a sealed purge case with a tank of LN2 connected to it that automatically controls the temperatures of both a CPU and GPU. I’ve never seen one in action so it’ll be excellent to see what it can do! Additionally, the awesome crew from OCTV will be attending so there will be a lot of live-streaming for those that can’t make it in person. They will also be running some beta competitions during the weekend where benchers will go head to head. If successful, these competitions will become part of the larger, HWBot world tour events.

So here we are! The party will be a great chance to meet old and new friends, put faces to the nicknames, learn from those with more experience (have people to share the misery if you blow something up), bench like crazy and generally have a great time. Everyone from monster benchers to noobs, vendors and just regular folks curious about overclocking are welcome!


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That is awesome. If I lived closer I'd definitely check it out.

Please do some youtube uploads if you can!

Btw, whoever took that picture.... it's awesome. Ice, duct tape, fans, steam, sockets, and GPUS... it looks like you're about to bring a Terminator to life

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hiya captainthrall!

Can't wait...SO close now! We will definitely be posting up some pics, streams and vids.

Agreed...killer picture. Not sure who took that but it wasn't me.

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