Summer Cleaning

In case you haven’t noticed, there isn’t diddlysquat going on.

If you’ve been reading my articles lately, you’ve probably really noticed that. 🙂

Well, if I’m getting tired of writing ’em, you must be getting tired of reading ’em.

Joe is back from vacation, and he’s busy testing lots of cooling items, so you’ll start seeing articles coming from him shortly.

Time for Some Housekeeping

To put it kindly, we’ve let a lot of housekeeping tasks go the last few months in favor of a steady stream of material. It’s gotten
to the point where you can’t find anything. Don’t feel bad. We can’t find anything, either, and we wrote it.

So starting next week, I’m going on semi-hiatus from the front page and start cleaning out the stables. For a while, you’ll see less material on the front page, and most of it will probably be Joe talking about cooling.

Not saying I won’t write anything over the next few weeks; I will if something important pops up, but in all honesty, I doubt much is going to pop up the next few weeks.

At the moment, I plan on doing three things:

1) Get all the articles listed, and provide a brief abstract on each of them, so you know what you’re getting yourself into when you click.

2) Provide a front page archive, so you can find references to other sites from long ago.

3) Revisit and revise our links area. We’re going to do this last, and we’re going to do this one a bit differently than most, and we’ll explain that
when we’re ready to do it. Please don’t send this your website links now, we’ll tell you when to do so, and what we’re looking for.

If you have an ideas or thoughts on how we could make those areas better, drop me an email.

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