They Shoot Horses . . .

. . . don’t they?

XBit Labs reveals that desktop Palominos won’t be made with ceramics, but with something “organic.” What does that mean?

What “organic” means in chemistry is simply “compounds made out of carbon.” A more common layman’s term is “something that comes from animals or plants.” Lately, the meaning attached to the word has been “food produced without using a lot of mass-production agriculural technology.”

The last connotation has created a positive connotation in the minds of many towards the word, which is probably why AMD used the term, but what does it really mean in this particular case?

We’ve made great strides in genetic engineering, but I don’t think AMD has the Palomino Case Ranch where free-range Palomino cases walk around like centipedes with their hundreds of legs. If they have, I want to see it, that would be cool.:)

OK, if AMD isn’t growing them, maybe they come from an animal or plant.

In that sense, “organic” is not necessarily good. If AMD took Intel users, ground them up, and made Palomino cases out of them, that would be “organic” and “natural” alright, but hardly good.

They used to take horses to the glue factory, maybe they still do in the former East Germany. Maybe some horse by-product has been found that gets the job done. That gives AMD an ad slogan at least, “Named from horses, comes from horses.”

Somehow I don’t think the animal rights people would find that any better than grinding up Intel users, maybe even worse.

Actually, based solely on color, looks like AMD ground in some orange peels. I don’t think there’s any orange peel rights advocates out there. 🙂

Seriously, folks, this “organic” case probably is some lab-made carbon compound, and some PR guy went wild.

Probably of much greater importance is that Palomino will be thinner as a result, which might give you a bit more of a challenge using your current cooler.

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