Tagan CS-EL Diablo BM PC Case

A very nice case for quiet operation – Joe

SUMMARY: A very nice case for quiet operation.


The good guys at Tagan were nice enough to send a sample of Tagan’s CS-EL Diablo BM PC Case to check out. This is the only case I have seen which features two LARGE fans – a front 250 mm fan and a side 360 mm fan.

Case Side
  • Front 250mm Blue LED fan with on/off switch fan speed control, max 800 rpm @ 150 cfm, 32 dBA
  • Side 360mm Blue LED fan with on/off switch fan speed control, max 600 rpm @ 205 cfm, 31 dBA
  • Tooless HDD, DVD, rear 120mm fan mount bracket and Floppy kit
  • External watercooling kit holes at rear of case
  • Dual side VR blue LED light
  • Top audio, firewire, USB ports
  • 5 External 5.25″ bays, 1 External 3.5″ bays, 7 Internal 3.5″ bays
  • Size 205 x 520 x 570 mm
  • Supports Micro ATX, Standard ATX and Ext ATX (12″x13″)
  • Includes manual and mounting hardware

Each fan has 5 LEDs around its hub:

Fan LEDs

The side panel features the large 360mm fan and is well ventilated:

Fan Panel

The LEDs lit on the side fan:

Side Fan Lit

The front fan measures 250mm…

Front Fan

and here as lit:

Front Fan Lit

The fans are controlled by a knurled knob on each side of the front to vary fan speed:


I found at low speed the fans are almost silent. In addition to the fan LEDs, each side of the case LEDs as well:

Side LED


The back of the case shows the power supply slot at the top of the case – there are also four round knock-outs for external watercooling hoses if needed:


The CD Bays are hidden behind a front panel which easily swings out:

CD Bays

Inside the case shows plenty of room to mount motherboards and watercooling gear:

Open Case

The lower front shows the HD Bays and the front 250mm fan – this washes cooling air over the hard drives, a nice feature needed these days for those hot 10,000 rpm drives:

Inside Front

There is plenty of room to mount up to 7 HDs, all using plastic rails for mounting:

HD Bays

There is room for 5 5.25″ devices, also using plastic rail mounts:

CD Bays

The back shows the PCI slots and a mount for an internal 120 mm fan, including hardware for mounting:

Inside Back

Note that the 120mm fan mount uses rubber bushings to isolate fan noise:

Fan Mount

A nice touch – there are directions pasted inside the case for various case features:


The PCI slots use a “slide and lock” system to secure cards:

PCI Slots

PCI cards can mount to the front of the case, if needed:

PCI Mount

A nice feature are top mounted slots for a firewire, 2 USB ports and audio ports:

Top Slots


This is a very nice case for quiet operation – the cooing fans move air at very low speeds and throw air where needed – on the hard drives and over the motherboard. It’s a good sized case that can hold internal watercooling gear – a nice package for the enthusiast.

Thanks again to Tagan for sending this our way – a very nice package.

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