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A couple of days ago I assembled my shiny new computer complete with a
BH6,300A,128m pc100,etc,etc. It’ll run at [email protected] just fine. I reflashed
the bios so I could jack up the voltage to 2.7 but alas the little cpu that could would
go no higher. I jumped on the internet and ordered some SEC GH ram and a
double-fan heatsink for the Celery and dreamed of schemes to suck every
over-active air molecule out of the case so fast that the rush would send temperatures
below ambient. In the mean time I tossed in my old 333PII to see what I could ring
out of it. It too managed 450mhz even with its 5.5ns cache! This PII is very flexible as
it’s an April vintage which means it’s not locked to 5x. By this time my brain was fried
as I searched the web for that little tidbit that would let me go a little higher.

Then I hit
upon a novel idea, Lets see how LOW I can go! I set the Abits’ softmenu to
2x66mhz and 1.30V and crossed my fingers. Success! It posted at 133mhz and
booted into windows perfectly. At this speed the L2 cache is disabled so its
performance is just a little sluggish. Boy what an UNDERachievement!

think there is an interest in an UNDERclockers forum? It would be great for all of the
UNDERachievers out there. I’ll bet the folks that still drive 55 would love it!

A few
questions come to mind – can I get the voltage any lower, does the board support
60,50,40 or oh-my-god, dare I wish, the holy grail-33mhz! I’d love to run this PII at
[email protected]

How about it Abit – can you implement a SNAIL mode!!!!!!!!!!!


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