Weekend Browsing

Here are some links for lazy weekend browsing.

Google Ogles The Street

More street views that gets Google in trouble with privacy groups.

World’s Cheapest Car

“The Tata Nano has finally been released. At a mere $2,000 USD its the world’s cheapest car. While lacking in safety, it gets 60 mpg and features low emissions.”

Cross Your Legs Department.

“A world record in the length of a queue to a toilet was set on Sunday when 756 people lined up to a latrine in central Brussels to raise awareness for the need for clean water on World Water Day.”

Restaurant “Healthy Choices” – NOT!”

Think you’re picking the “healthy” stuff? This will open your eyes to the real truth.

McGyver Film Developing How-To

Develop film in what?

More Google Street Ogles

Don’t you love Google capturing cultural lifestyles?

Best Buy Weasels

“Best Buy, like many other stores, has a public ‘price matching’ policy. But HD Guru reports that according to internal docs, personnel are trained to deny price-matches and even paid bonuses for shutting them down.”

Foto Folly

Man…Camera…Risky Photo…Shocking!

The Holodeck in Hollywood

Beam me up Mr. DeMille.

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