What Next?

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We were founded as a computer website, and our priority, even during the last couple days, has been to cover computers, and we’re going to resume doing that. We put up sales yesterday, and both Joe and I
have computer-related material to put up.

Then again, there really isn’t much going on in the computer world at the moment, and won’t be for a few more weeks.

So on the one hand, we’re definitely in a slack period when it comes to our primary mission.

On the other hand, we have an ongoing noncomputer story which is shifting out of immediate events, and into areas where you
really need information and analysis about political and historical and military and cultural affairs to understand what’s going on and why.

I guess I’m probably atypical for the average person who writes for a computer website. My educational background and interests are more along the lines of those political, historical, etc., etc areas. I just picked up the computer knowledge later
on, first as a hobbyist, later as a systems analyst. So I’m kind of cross-trained. 🙂

So given that we’re in a slack period, it might be useful for at least a little while to talk about both computer-related matters and this huge off-topic area of interest. Maybe I can give some reasonably succinct insight into these matters to those who have put their energies into other things.

But then, I’m guilty of first-degree bias on this one. So I’ll let you decide.

Would you rather we just go back to covering computers, or would you prefer we do a mix of articles for a little while? The way it will probably work out, I would likely put up these sorts of articles along with computer news and commentary in the morning, Joe
will put up the results of his testing in the afternoon.

This might be a matter of just a few days, unless things get wild, can’t really see this lasting more than a week or two. Not so much news, more analysis and background info.

Don’t tell me about this; send this to Joe on this.

If you don’t want it, please feel free to tell Joe that, no hard feelings.


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