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Faulty cap in CC light – Mark Lenchner

I thought readers might be interested in this as it has to do with modding and safety.

We have four computers in our household, two of which are in my office, both water cooled, and two laptops. These are both in Lian Li V2000 and V1000 cases and are very well cooled, both running temps in the low 30ºsC. Both have case windows with lighting.

Recently we have been noticed a faint “electrical” burnt smell at different times in our home.

Being a contractor, I went through the electrical system of my home and all checked out good. I did find one plug which looked suspect and I changed out. Problem solved, or so I thought.

This morning after our central air ran a cycle, the smell returned. This time I went in the attic and checked around and all was well. At this point I’m getting very concerned, as the last thing we need is a house electrical fire!

So prior to scheduling an electrician to come out, I decided to just check the computers very thoroughly, even though they were not suspect because of their location as opposed to where we were detecting the odor.

Well it paid off!

In my main computer that is on all day everyday and is only shut down when we go to bed, I found a burnt cap inside the small blue plastic inverter serving one of my CC lights.

I usually only turn on my case lights in the evening while gaming, but I had been leaving one of the black lights on all the time. So either this was a defective unit or it just couldn’t handle being on all the time. The reason this was so hard to track down was the central heating/AC system was distributing the odor and we just weren’t sure of its source.

So for safety sake I will only turn on my case lights while I’m at my desk gaming or working. Upon close inspection, as cheaply as these thing are made I just believe they can not handle being on full time.

Bottom line: For safety turn the case lights on when your there to enjoy them, if not turn them off.

Mark Lenchner

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