120mm Twin Radiator

Large radiator for two 120mm fans – Joe

SUMMARY: Large radiator for two 120mm fans.


550g, 240mm (8 1/8″) x 120mm (4 3/4″) x 48mm (1 7/8″) – frame only.

The good guys at Cooling Flow were nice enough to send along a sample of a 120mm Twin Radiator they carry. This radiator has mounts for two 120mm fans; it also has “One Touch Fittings” for 10mm (3/8″) hose. The copper tubing is 3/8″ OD with walls about 0.25mm thick.


The fittings are a nice touch, but limit what size tubing can be attached. Fortunately, they come off fairly easily:

Rad Close

If you have larger/smaller diameter tubing, you can use adapters to fit.

To mount a radiator this size inside a case, you’ll need an opening 203mm x 60mm to allow for clear airflow. Note also that it is wide, and that the inside case clearance has to allow for the radiator’s copper tubing – figure a footprint of about 150mm x 250mm x 110mm overall.

Allowing for two 120mm fans allows users to run them at lower speeds for noise control purposes. Controlling the fans with either a temperature or rheostat controller will give users a lot of flexibility.

Bill Adams will be updating his radiator testing and we’ll include this one as well.

Thanks again to Y. Choi at Cooling Flow for sending this our way.

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