A Farewell Letter to AMD

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The 486 equivalent 133 Mhz processor that is how our relationship started.

The AMD 486 133 Mhz was faster and cheaper then Intel 486 at 66 Mhz. I choose you because you were cheaper and faster. You made me abandon Intel 286 for you, AMD.

All these years I stayed by you, defending you and recommending you.

How many claims of inadequate performance and reliability did I have to disprove for you. I could still remember everyone saying, you are no good for business computers. I asked why, “It’s unstable” they said. I said that is not true, I have no problems with them ever. So many I convinced over that you are good and not overpriced.

The K6 – what fond memories of I have of it! 400 Mhz, yes that was mine. Yes, with you I learned of MP3, encoded many CD with you I did. Got the Overclocker’s virus from you, almost 10 years and I’m still sick with it.

Oh my most joyous moment with you – the socket A!

You’ve grown up and going your own way now; away from the shadow of Intel. My Barton 2500 Overclocked to 2.33 GHz, how happy I was then with you, you were my most impressive overclock. We Counterstrike together, so many we have killed together, so many wars and adventures we went through. I laughed at those with their toasty P4 keeping them warm in summer – what happy memories we have together.

Then you’ve became mature – socket 939 beating everyone at everything. Nothing could match up with you, making Intel send out more and more toasters. And yet you were untouchable, everyone’s desire and envy. Yes, I was very happy with my Venice 3500+, Battlefield 2, FEAR and Guild Wars. Another journey of adventure I had with you, terrorizing people in the HindI and Apache, slaying monsters and meeting so many around the world. Yes, I wanted the dual core, but you’re still fast and cheap, such opposite attributes.

AM2, sadly I will never know you. You’re not bad, but I love my 939 and you are not better and now worse and that is not a good thing. You killed the 939 dual core CPU, no longer will they make 939, stuck with the fx-60 as the fastest. If I spend money on you for a 939, that will be loyalty and not wise of me.

So it pains me to say goodbye AMD.

You started it first, you abandoned me AMD. I was your loyal and faithful follower and supporter, like so many. If only you had continued to make 939’s, I would still be with you for more years. Farewell my good friend, my Intel E6400 is coming, take care, for a lot of us are taking this next step without you.

So long and take care AMD, I wish you well.

An Overclocker, Charles

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