Alphacool Releases Leak Testing Tool

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Alphacool has just released a new tool for all of us water-cooling enthusiasts. The leak testing tool checks the pressure in your water cooling system to help determine if any leaks are present. Since not all leaks are immediately realized, this simple tool could save thousands of dollars if a leak were to go unnoticed. Here is the product release from Alphacool.

Alphacool Leak Testing Tool

Before you fill your water cooling system and put it into operation, you can use the Leak Testing Tool to check whether all components have been connected correctly and to make sure that you haven’t forgotten any plugs. With the Alphacool Leak Testing Tool you can easily check this. The long and flexible hose is simply connected to any port. The pressure in the circuit is then built up via the pump. Afterwards you should wait about 20 minutes and check the pressure again. If the pressure is maintained, you can assume that you have not made any errors in the construction and you are leak free.

MSRP: 29,19 € ($34.50 USD)

Alphacool Leak Test Tool Specifications
Hose Length 40 cm
Max. Pressure 1 Bar
Fitting G1/4“

-John Nester (Blaylock)


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