AMD Cuts Price of Nano Graphics Card to $499

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Price drops are always welcome news to consumers, unless you were an early adopter and paid the full launch price of $649 for the AMD Nano GPU. If you held out until now, you are in luck as AMD just slashed the price to $499.

This price decrease has already taken effect on some cards on, like the Sapphire version priced at $499. Other partners have set their pricing at $529.

This puts the NANO in line with the R9 Fury and some GTX 980 cards, making the NANO far more appealing than it ever was. If you are trying to put together a small form factor build, the NANO is an attractive option since it can almost match the R9 Fury X performance at a fraction of the size and power consumption. The new MSRP better reflects the price to performance ratio, but represents an even better value when you factor in the size and competition (or lack thereof).

Matt Ring (mdcomp)

Featured Image: AMD NANO Courtesy AMD

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