Another CPU Drill

The Register has given some OEM prices for Palominos.

Now we know these prices can end up bearing no resemblance to reality, but at least for a little while, AMD will probably try to get over $200 for its top-of-the-line.

This does not, of course, mean we have to give it to them. 🙂

Alphabet Soup Time Again

If you happen to get an opportunity to get a look at one or more of the Athlon XPs, if you can, see if you can’t copy down the codes on the chips and send them to me.

The reason why we want to do this is to see whether or not the low-end Palominos are actually the same CPUs as the high-end Palominos. If they are, then people can save themselves some dollars by buying the low-end items and overclock them.

Thank you very much!

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