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Where Are The Dell C1s Coming From?

A few of you were kind of enough to make the effort to get the codes off these Dell C1s (apparently, the codes get smudged for some reason), and they seem to be relatively recent models coming from Malaysia.

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Often, our database shows clear patterns that indicate what kinds of chips are doing exceptionally well, and indicate that this is what you want to buy. I want to emphasize that our database is not showing clear patterns at all. The rest belows is awfully iffy.

That was the pattern that emerged for the Costa Rican 1.6As. In that case, a lot of them showed up in the database able to do 2.4 with little or no voltage increase at all. That was a clear sign to buy Costa Rican 1.6As.

What we’re looking for from the C1s is a no muss, no fuss 3GHz at a reasonable price. When a bunch of those show up with 3GHz+ results and little or no voltage increase; then it’s time to buy.

There is no such clear pattern yet for the C1s yet. Just hints of one, so what I say below is very iffy.

The impression I’m getting from our database is that the recent C1 Malaysian chips are doing a bit better than the Costa Rican chips. The more recent Costa Rican chips don’t seem to be doing any better. The late ones will get to 3GHz, but only with 1.65V or more. This is not what you want for $200.

Problem is, the database seems to indicate that these plants do certain C1 chips and not others. For instance, most C1 stepping 2.4Bs so far have come from Costa Rica; all the 2.66 and 2.8 seem to come from Malaysia.

There are a few Philippine C1 chips, and the late models seem to be doing better than the Costa Rican chips, too, but we’re talking about a sample size of about three.

Again, no clear pattern yet, just some hints of one. If you need a sure or even semisure thing, it’s not there yet. Wait.

But if you can’t wait, and you actually can see the chip or retail box before you buy, try to get a late week (i.e., week 35 or later, and look for Malaysian or Philippine chips).


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