Ceramic Tile Mousepad

MOUSE speedways – a smooth ceramic glazed tile. It can be any size/design desired, just stay away from embossed types. Smooth is the best. Actions speak louder than any amount of words.


Run to your nearest home improvement hardware store and get one. Cost is next to nothing. Make your computer operating life a lot easier and pleasurable.

BENCHMARK it playing QUAKE 3, then publish your ease versus other pads. That would then be plenty of descriptive words.

In the TROPICS, use OFF insect repellant on your legs to further improve your life. Mosquitoes especially likes computer user’s legs!

Estimated life? FIVE thousand years! Or until someone drops it on a hard floor. Maybe the user can glue it to the computer table, but then that would limit the life span of the computer table.

Best regards,

George B. Serapio


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