CES 2015: Thermaltake Launches Water Cooling Kit and Core X Cases

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It seems like every year Thermaltake enters a brand new area of the enthusiast market, like AIO coolers and gaming peripherals many moons ago. Now Thermaltake is at it again, unveiling a wide range of water cooling parts from fittings to radiators and even a full kit. Also on display were a variety of stackable and versatile cube cases.

Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit

If you’re itching to get your feet wet in the world of liquid cooling (pun intended), Thermaltake launched a full kit with everything you need to get started. The Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit features the following:

  • W1 CPU Water Block
  • PT40-D5 Pump/Reservoir Combo
  • RL240 Radiator
  • 1/2″ ID x 3/4″ OD Compression Fittings (Chrome)
  • Luna 12 LED Red Fans
  • V-Tubler 4T Tubing
  • Coolant1000 Red

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For the experts, Thermaltake will offer all the necessary parts separately, including assorted fittings and radiators of various sizes. Mix and match different products to create a custom loop or even sub in some Thermaltake parts in an already running system. We did not ask about cost, but Thermaltake’s size typically allows for aggressive pricing. I expect smaller, niche manufacturers to face some challenges in matching Thermaltake’s pricing, distribution and brand penetration, assuming similar quality.

Core X Case Series

Enter the cube! Thermaltake launched three cases at this year’s CES, the Core X1, X2 and X9. With MSRPs of $99.99, $129.99, and $169.99 respectively, these cases are accessible to anyone. The cube cases are all stackable and provide a lot of flexibility for different types of builds thanks to the separate chambers and fully modular design. The two main compartments, or chambers, allow ample space for complex and extensive water cooling setups. Customizable and movable drive bays make for additional room. Other cool features including swap-able side panels (put the window on either side of the case) and magnetic fan filters throughout.

For full specifications, Thermaltake put together a handy comparison chart.

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Toughpower Grand Platinum Power Supplies

Thermaltake wasn’t done; they also showed off their latest Toughpower Grand Platinum power supplies from 650W to 1200W. All of the 80PLUS Platinum units are fully modular and feature flat cables.

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Thermaltake has other products in the works that will show up on shelves on the next few months like LED fans and a touch-screen fan controller.

Touch Screen Fan Controller
Touch Screen Fan Controller

We should be checking out some of these products in the near future. Stay tuned for more CES recaps.

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  1. It's built BUT need to work on cable management. I have a kit on order and after that I'll post some pictures. Nothing fancy, basic black case, black tubing etc. I was able to locate 12 used AP15 Gentle Typhoon 1820 rpm fans for a really good price. They are outstanding! I have 2 XSPC RX480v3 rads in the top and a single EK Coolstream 480 PE rad on the floor (right side as you look at the case. All the rads run in a single loop cooling the 4.4Ghz 5960x via an EK Supremacy EVO cpu block and both R9 290s via EK Acetal/copper full blocks (both gpu and vrm cooling). I intally mounted the XSPC Twin D5 Bay/res running two Swiftech D5-655 vario pumps running in series. Rad fans are controlled by a 6 Channel NZXT fan controller (2 fans per channel).
    The Core X9 had the room to fit all three rads. I had to give up the big HDD cages but I'm using a single Samsung 850 EVO 500g ssd with a second on the way. I had an old Chieftec 2.5" mounting cage which I painted black to hold the ssds. There4 is also a bracket to mount them on the bottom of the MB mount.
    Installed the second Samsung 850 EVO 500g ssd today for games and data. Tomorrow I should receive my cable management kit so hopefully I'll have the cabling somewhat cleaned up by next week.