CES 2020: Corsair with Origin PCs and Scuf Gaming Controllers

Corsair has recently acquired Origin PCs and SCUF Gaming and they both had their own demonstrations in the Corsair suite. Origin was showing off their modular PC cases and their “Big O” systems which include PC and console all in one. SCUF had a wide variety of custom controllers displayed. On the Corsair side, we saw the A500 which is Corsair’s first air cooler in years as well as their updated AIO lineup.

Origin PC’s

Origin is known for its custom-built PCs and laptops and here at CES 2020, they had a couple of interesting items to show off. The Millenium series really caught our eye, it’s a full tower case that’s very customizable in that the motherboard can be mounted in three different positions depending on personal choice. The steel chassis is all screwed together making it perfect for modifying since you won’t have to drill any welds.

They also had their Big O systems on display. These systems contain the best of both worlds, high-end PC on one side and either a PS4 Pro or XBOX ONE S console system on the other. They strip the console of its original shell and install it into one side of a custom micro ATX chassis. Origin also adds an AIO cooler to the console’s APU to keep the noise level to a minimum. They also offer storage upgrades to improve loading times.

SCUF Gaming

SCUF had a huge variety of controllers on display showing off the custom skins. They also have controllers with switches on the bottom that can be programmed to do whatever the buttons on the top can do. This allows the user to keep their thumbs on the sticks improving reaction times.


Corsair A500 Dual Fan CPU Cooler

Corsair is getting back into the air cooler market with the A500 Dual Fan CPU Cooler. It features two  Corsair 120 mm ML fans, direct contact copper heat-pipes, and has the capability to dissipate 250 W.


These AIOs come in 360 mm, 280 mm, and 240 mm sizes and built for low noise and extreme cooling. They have customizable RGB lighting in the low noise pump and all functionality is accessible with the iCUE software. They are also compatible with most major CPU sockets.

Stay tuned for more from CES 2020!

– Shawn Jennings (Johan45)

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Corsair has recently acquired Origin PCs and SCUF Gaming and they both had their own demonstrations in the Corsair suite.

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