Danger Den Copper Waterblock

SUMMARY: Another new face on the watercooling scene, Danger Den, produces a top performing copper water block and elegant clip.

Block and Blank

Danger Den is introducing its copper waterblock which can be used for all manner of socketed CPUs. As the picture shows, the Danger Den block differs from many other designs that bore holes in solid copper; this block is produced by routing out channels and then soldering a copper cap onto it.

A number of waterblock producers are using the same technique; the advantage to the consumer is less possibility of leakage through plugged holes, a rare occurrence – but possible.


Mounting the waterblock was very easy with the clip, as shown above. This is one of the more elegant and very effective designs we are beginning to see. The nylon bolt is easy on the copper block (no scaring) and a cinch to tighten up – just big enough to grasp and secure firmly, not so big as to engender overtightening.

Note also that the clip uses one bolt that is centered over the CPU – this is the best mounting technique I have seen being used for mounting clips. When you first use one of these, remove the center bolt, sight down and adjust the legs so that the bolt is centered over the CPU, and then reinsert the bolt and it’s ready to go.


I used my Duron 650 @ 900, 1.85 v, and my T-Bird @ 1100, 1.85 v, to see how well this block cools. The system included a Pondmaster 1.5 submersible pump and a modified Senfu radiator (takes 3/8″ tubing) at an ambient temp of 22.2C/72F. Temps were measured using the Asus A7V temp probe on the side of the CPU running Prime95.


Duron 650 @ 900, 1.85v: 40C/104F
T-Bird 750 @ 1100, 1.85 v: 41C/106F

As a point of comparison, I ran the T-Bird with the BE Cooling copper block and it recorded 40C/104F – in my book, a draw.


Danger Den

I have no hesitation recommending* the Danger Den block I tested – it is well made, well finished and a competent performer (also be sure to check out how Danger Den destructively tests their blocks – impressive!).

*Having said that, I am asking anyone who buys this block, or any other, to email me if what you receive differs significantly from what we have reviewed and pictured. I have not received any complaints about Danger Den’s quality. However, I have received emails from folks who have bought other waterblocks we have reviewed and have been sorely disappointed in workmanship.

I can understand when someone sends us something to test, they send a very nice sample. However, if the sample is NOT the same quality as what YOU receive, tell me. I will post your experience as an update – with pictures, if possible.

Reluctantly, I must warn against BE Cooling’s waterblocks at this time; I have received complaints and seen pictures of the finish quality of what was received and, even though performance is not impacted negatively, they look shoddy.

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