E Stepping Hammer

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On Monday, Hewlett Packard will bring out a new this page.

Speaking of HP, well, if you ever feel completely worthless, even if you are completely worthless, cheer up. You could be Carly Fiorina. How would you feel if you got fired one day, and the next day, the world said the company you headed was worth about $4 billion more without you than with you? That’s certified less than worthless.

It’s not the server that’s of interest to us, but the Opteron chip itself. It’s going to be the debut of the E stepping for 90nm Hammers, which we already know is supposed to use strained silicon, which ought to mean faster speeds.

One noteworthy tidbit in the article confirms that the E stepping will also include SSE3.

This doesn’t mean we’ll see other Hammers with E steppings right away, but at least we know they’re coming, and at least people like me need to start looking for them.

If you feel like looking, too, the first line of code on current 90nm socket 939 A64s end with the letters “BI.” A new stepping will have a two letter ending that will come after “BI” alphabetically, like “BT.” We should have a better idea what those letters might be once AMD revises their Opteron datasheet.



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