EKWB Releases the Quantum Magnitude CPU Water Block

Over the weekend, EK Water Blocks, the market leader in high-end PC liquid cooling, released the EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU Water Block. Read below for the official press release and information on purchasing.

EK®, the water cooling gear manufacturer based in Slovenia, Europe, is proud to present its newest addition to the Quantum Line of products – the EK-Quantum Magnitude. It’s a new, ultimate CPU water block that brings the highest performance to all platforms by using specific flow distribution, cold plate geometry, and mounting pressure tailored to each IHS. Its unrivaled internal geometry creates a far greater heat transfer area with less restriction that leaves no stress on the rest of the custom loop liquid cooling system.

EK-Quantum Magnitude

EK-Quantum Magnitude is bearing the prestigious iF Design award for the bold and different approach to the CPU water block mounting mechanism. Differentiated from any mounting structure of a water block that is usually a black and mundane plate, the design accentuates an integrated X- or H-shaped three-dimensional frame with premium finishes that firmly cradles the main body in place, while the screws are morphed into sophisticated design details.

As a part of the Quantum Lineup ideology, the new water block is equipped with interchangeable accent frames available in various colors, finishes, and materials. The EK-Quantum Magnitude comes in Intel® 115x, 20xx, and AMD® AM4 socket optimized configurations, with each being available in four different material versions. There’s a choice of two models in each variation equipped with addressable D-RGB LEDs, elegantly concealed under the aesthetic inner-frame.

The LED strip is boasting the incredible 30, individually addressable RGB diodes. Plexi versions of blocks are illuminated inwards, evenly lighting coolant and the entire top, while those with an Acetal top are bordered by a halo of colorful lights. Versions without implemented lights can be upgraded later on with an LED strip and a special white accent for light dispersion.

The addressable D-RGB LEDs use standard 3-pin 5V D-RGB connectors. Meaning it can be used with any standard 3-pin 5V D-RGB controller, EK-Loop Connect, or any of popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB (A_RGB) header.

Advanced Engineering

Specialized manufacturing techniques were deployed to create this truly unique product. Not a single component of Magnitude was made using mass production techniques; instead, every single piece was CNC-milled separately, out of a solid piece of material. At the heart of Magnitude lies the CNC-machined solid brass insert. This component made it possible to significantly enlarge and optimize the cooling engine. Compared to previous generations of water blocks, the fin array has a 50% bigger surface area, all contained in a smaller footprint to ensure maximum compatibility. The copper cold plate uses 0.40mm wide microchannels and 0.26mm thick microfins to maximize the thermal transfer with minimal flow restriction.

One more feature of the Intel-based Magnitude CPU water block is the reversible insert that can accommodate easier tube routing. It allows the user to swap the inlet and outlet port by simply rotating the brass insert piece by 180°.

On the other hand, the AMD AM4 socket version features a specific offset insert that directs more flow over the AMD Ryzen CPU chiplets with the I/O die still getting plenty of flow to keep it cool.

The cold plate of the Magnitude is intentionally machined into a convex shape to align with the concave shape of the CPU IHS. However, if you are interested in a flat cold plate that works perfectly with lapped CPUs or aftermarket IHSs, EK is providing an exclusive, flat bare copper as well as nickel-plated copper cold plates that are sold separately.

EK-Quantum Magnitude is supplied with an additional, thicker jet plate. If the user concludes that their CPU IHS is exceptionally concave (poor thermal paste spread after mounting), the curvature of the water block cold plate can be adjusted using this secondary jet plate. It will make the center of the contact area bow by an additional 0.1mm outwards, providing better contact with the IHS.

The list of interchangeable replacement parts for the EK-Quantum Magnitude water block will be growing in the near future, so be sure to subscribe to the EK Newsletter and follow our social media activities.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-Quantum Magnitude water blocks are designed and made in Slovenia and are already available for purchase through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network.

Prices range from $209.99 to $269.99 for the blocks themselves.

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Whew! Did you see the price tag on that one? There certainly not giving it away, as the old saying goes. You can get a decent AIO for about half that.

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My OCD smiles at the reversible insert.

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