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need help with cooling PLEASE

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Apr 20, 2001
just got my cak38 with artic silver 2 installed HSF didn't crack chip :)
installed a 120mm fan on the side blowing in. and have a gamma blower on the bottom facing up and have a fan on the back end blowing out. Idle temp is now 44-45C and load is 47max (this is CPU) I see all these other people with lower temp I am doing everything I can do get the temps down what give's (artic silver was put on with a credit card thin layer) ambient temp in my house is 75F AC stays there. If anyone can give me suggestions please feel free
thnks for you time
sorry amd 1ghz @1100 default voltage
can't get it to 1200 will post but won't go into windows
you think my temp are to high ?
I'm not very familiar with ASUS mobos, but I'd venture that if you up the core voltage from 1.75 to 1.85, you can get that CPU to run at 1200 or more.
A7V133 owners, your pearls of wisdom?

brought the core up to 1.85 and received an error
(non system disk or disk error) HD problem
pulled everything out of the machine to (all cards) same thing
they are ata33 drives could this be the problem or could it be i need more power it's a 300watt power supply one of the one's approved by amd what do you think hoot or anyone
With a 300W PSU, 1.85 Vcore should not pose a problem. Exactly what multiplier and FSB are you using? I wish I was more experienced with ASUS. I can't believe none of the A7V133 owners haven't chimed in yet.

closed my L1 bridges
tried 12X100
tried 9X133
and alot of other combination can't think of them all
and at 1.85 volts
it's at 1100 stable now but when I go up to 1150 or 1200 jsut gets unstable you think it could be the older HD's
I really dont think the Hdds are the cause of your problem. There is something else contributing to the problem. I don't think your Ram is at fault, since 12x100 is not working the Ram all that hard. I sorry, but I am out of ideas for a mobo I know nothing about. C'mon A7V133 owners help this guy out.

hey hoot thanks for you time bud
hey maybe this will help it's not a axia or the new aj chip
it's a retail chip
ag something
but should be able to get it to 1.2 you would think
I have yet to see or read of a 1G Tbird that would not do 1.33 on a bad day. Someone will help you. GL

War Child, take your temps and figure the highest they are is about 5 degrees below what you are getting, as much as ten. I don't have that board, but I know that the probe is often off by about 10C, usually about that. Can you try it with a newer hard drive??? When you up the Vcore, what temp do you get in the bios? Other than that, I am at a loss here too.
when i up the voltage temps stay the same
will have to wait on the |HD for now have other things to buy
(like a 500 dollar grill for my new house :)
it will boot and all at 1200 just gets stuck at the HD's
with the cost of chips these days I will just wait a month or 2 and buy a 1.4
runs stable at 1100 guess i should be happy ???
thnks for all your helps
the chip is a
ag chip it just won't overclock