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Summer Arrives. Alarm goes off

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Feb 2, 2001
Delray Beach FL
Went over 80F in NYC yesterday for the first time since I got the TB1200. I am using the stock fan while waiting for my Swiftech to arrive so it is @1200. Well, while playing Baldurs Gate 2 my MBM alarm went off. I had it set at 55C. I bumped it up to 58 and that took care of it but it was running at 57 when I turned it off.

Hope that MC462 (or whatever) arrives soon.

How many folks haven't weathered a summer with their cpu?
dgk (Apr 23, 2001 07:42 a.m.):
........How many folks haven't weathered a summer with their cpu?
I haven't yet. I'm not looking forward to summer here in CA. It can get well into the 100's here. Guess I'm gonna have to buy a bigger Peltier.
Thats why I went from a 50w peltier to an 86w. Last summer before it got really hot with my 50w. I was able to run at 1000mhz, till it got warmer. Then lockups occured and problems. So I had to nock it back down to 960mhz.

So I bought this 86w pelt. to bring the temps down a bit more but the problems now is the pc pumping out so much heat and it's located under my thermostat. So it's reading the temps from the hot air coming out of the case and not actual room temp. If this keeps up my airconditioning will be on all the time in the summer time! Could get really expensive!

So now I'm going to water cooling to illiminate that problem, hopefully. If I run the reservoire, pump and radiator in a box outside of the case I wont have any heat building up in the case as well as give the water a better chance to cool as well.
We just had a very hot day for this time of the year in New Jersey, it hit 90F. Of cource my aircondutioners are in the closet so I had to deal with it. My water cooled 1.2 TBird that normally runs at 1440 had to be clocked down to 1.33 gig :( it seems that it will lock at 1440 if the cpu temp gets over about 95F. I think all us overclockers with high end Birds are going to have to increase are cooling as summer comes on. At least my other system using chilled water is still running at 1584 it just helps me keep my sanity!
I hear ya there. This PIII 800E while running at 1008mhz will lock up if the temps get over about 29c! So She's gonna have to stay cool thru the summer or I'll have troubles.
dgk (Apr 23, 2001 07:42 a.m.):

How many folks haven't weathered a summer with their cpu?

I had to deal with a crappy overheating K6-2 last summer... I was getting heat-related crashes all over the place... but that was before I was in to overclocking and cooling and stuff. This will be my first summer with an OC'ed setup, and also the first summer for my Duron. But as we speak, the high temp in Kansas City today was about 58 degrees. Perfect for leaving the window next to my case open. :)