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Voltage -- How high can you go safely?

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Feb 7, 2002
I'm trying to get a good o/c outta my 2Aghz northwood and i was wondering whats the highest voltage i can go while not damaging the cpu. right now im at 2.3ghz 1.525v from 2.0ghz 1.500v, Are there any formulas or guidelines to follow when adjusting voltage? Also I am using thermaltake p4 volcano 478 but going back to intel hsf because intel is silent and only 0.5-1.0C higher.
Your temperatures are just way to high to be pumping more voltage, consider lapping if you haven't, and AS3... Anything to 1.6v is pretty exceptable, just that anything beyond that requires a good temperature (Under 40...)
with the Intel heatsink i wouldnt go past 1.7-1.8 mostly the safe amount of voltage depends on the cooling...with water i wouldnt be afraid of 2.0V....
With an external temps ensor on the cpu right by the core touching it i get like 30C idle and 35 streessed out a lot. But my mobo reported 40-41 all the time no matter what i do it always says this so i think mmobo is screwed up. How can it be the same under stress and idle? o/c or not? But anyways.... it would still be safe to go to 1.6 volts right? right now im at 1.525 @ 2.3ghz from 1.500 @ 2.0 ghz. What voltage would i need to get 2.5 ghz (my goal) ? At 2,4 ghz i get cmos checksum error even with voltage at 1.550 but i havent tried any higher should i try 2,4 @ 1.575 or 1.600?