JETART MiniStand Notebook Cooler

A nice addition to the road warrior’s computer kit

The good guys at JETART were nice enough to send a sample of their diminutive MiniStand Notebook Cooler to try out. This little laptop cooler is a nice size to take on the road and is powered by a USB port.

Key Features

  • Adjustable from 220 mm to 320 mm
  • Low power consumption – 0.7 watts @ 5 volts
  • Weighs 240 grams
  • Noise 20 dBA


The MiniStand opens up to extend it so that it fits laptops up to 15.5 inches:


The back shows the legs which flip open to angle the laptop an provide clearance for the fan:


Nestled on the left side is the USB power cable; the legs on either side flip out for clearance. The MiniStand unfurls as shown below:


Flip it over and it it’s ready for use:


In use, I found it relatively quiet, although the fan does not push out a lot of air. However, I found that I could center the fan on the laptop’s heatsink intake port so that the air from the fan blew directly into the heatsink port. IMHO this is the most effective way to use a laptop cooler – boost the airflow into the heatsink fan port for enhanced airflow.


JETART’s MiniStand in a nice addition to the road warrior’s computer kit – I would use it to enhance airflow into the heatsink intake port rather than expect greatly enhanced cooling over the laptop’s back.

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