Kingwin Gladiator Liquid Cooled Heatsink

Heatsink Test – Joe

SUMMARY: Visually overwhelming, performance under whelming.


The good guys at Kingwin sent a sample of their
Gladiator Liquid Cooled Heatsink to test out. Of all the heatsinks I’ve tested, this HAS to be the most visually interesting!

Key Features

  • Fan: 100 x 25 mm; Speed: 1800 ~ 2600 rpm (temp controlled)
  • 8mm thick copper tube injected with anti-freeze
  • Size: 130 x 126.5 x 165 mm; Weight: 2.5 lbs /960 grams
  • Compatible with Athlon 64 Opteron (Socket 754/939/940/AM2), Intel Pentium D/P4(LGA775), Core 2 Duo (775 Dual-Core)


On one side is the liquid reservoir – it includes a waterpump:


Liquid is circulated through the copper tubes which are attached to the heatsink’s fins:


The base is not polished but appears flat:


Parts that ship with the heatsink allow for multiple mounting schemes:


Test Results

The Gladiator was tested on an Asus P5WD2 motherboard P4 Motherboard Test Platform with a modified Pentium D 805 to read CPU case temps (both supplied by Directron).


Case Temp

Ambient Temp


On-Die Temp¹

Gladiator, 2445 rpm, 58 dBA²





¹MBM on-die temperatures.
²50 dBA measured 8″ from the fan intake corresponds to about 30 dBA measured 3 feet from the fan, a very quiet noise level.

Results place the Gladiator in the lower rank of heatsinks tested to date (Heatsink Ranking). Fan noise was noticeable but not objectionable – the fan is temperature controlled but ran on high during my testing.


One of the most visually interesting heatsinks I’ve seen to date – more for show than performance.

Thanks again to Kingwin for sending this our way.

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