KT266 Vs. KT266A: Which Is Which?

KT266 boards have been out for a while now. KT266A boards are just beginning to come out.

What’s the difference? Essentially, the North Bridge has been revised to improve memory performance. You definitely want a KT266A board rather than a KT266 board.

As you will see, most mobo manufacturers and/or retailers with current KT266 boards aren’t exactly making it easy to figure out which is which.

So we will.


KR7A: 266A


AK77: 266


A7V266: 266
A7V266-E: 266A

This one is particular important to note. Both of these are just becoming available. The A7V266 is starting at about $135, which is more expensive than most of the KT266A boards out there. The
A7V266E, which is the one with the KT266A chipset, is available at just one place for $180.

Don’t buy an A7V266 thinking you’re getting the latest for your money, you’re not.


K7VTA3: 266
(These guys are real confused; they call it a KT266 in their product description, and a KT266A in an ad).


8KHA: 266
8KHA+: 266A


GA-7VTX: 266
GA-7VTXE: 266A
GA-7VTXH: 266A
GA-7VTX-P: 266A


MSI 6380-030 or 010 (aka K7T-266-PRO or LE): 266
MSI 6380-060: (aka K7T-266-PRO2): 266A
MSI 6380-067: (aka K7T-266-PRO2-RU): 266A


AK31 v2.0: 266
AK31 v3.1: 266A


SY-K7V Dragon: 266
SY-K7V Dragon Plus: 266A

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