Lian Li Unveils Four Prototype Cases During 2021 Digital Expo

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Early this morning, Lian Li hosted its 2021 Digital Expo on Youtube. The highlight of the video was four new prototype PC cases along with soon-to-be-launched products and upgrades to existing ones. The Q58 and A4-H2O are both small form factor (SFF) cases with water cooling options in a compact footprint. While the Q58 is compatible with standard ATX power supplies, the A4-H2O will require an SFX-sized PSU. The next prototype featured is the massive V3000+ full tower chassis. This one is really a redesign of the existing V3000. Due to its modularity, it is capable of running dual systems, multiple 480 mm and 360 mm radiators, and up to 16 HDDs or 19 SSDs. Finally, the 011D EVO is a hybrid of the 011D XL with the size of the 011D Dynamic, both incredibly successful cases. Here is the official press release from Lian Li.


LIAN LI’s 2021 Digital Expo Unveils 4 Prototypes

February 18th, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan – LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of aluminum chassis and PC accessories, hosts its second online event with the LIAN LI 2021 DIGITAL EXPO, which premiers February 18th, 9am EST on YouTube (here). The 2021 DIGITAL EXPO unveils soon to be launched products, with new editions of the O11D MINI and UNI FANS, as well as exclusive looks at four prototypes. Each prototype will receive an in-depth look from Youtubers that are experts in case reviews.


The Q58, a 14.3L SFF case, is equipped with split hinged panels made of tempered glass and aluminum mesh, and a dual-tone front solid aluminum panel. With support for MINI-ITX, 320mm long GPUs, and up to 280mm radiators, the Q58 is capable of supporting a variety of configurations with SFX PSUs or ATX PSUs due to an adjustable motherboard tray that can be moved for more clearance.



A collaboration with DAN Cases from Germany, the A4-H2O is an SFF case at only 10.4L. Inspired by the original A4-SFX, the all-aluminum A4-H2O offers a refined look and sleek design. Compatible with mini-ITX motherboards and SFX or SFX-L power supplies, the A4-H2O can fit in any GPU up to 315mm in length and 2.7 slots in thickness, and any 240 AIO with CPU block clearance of 56mm. The A4-H2O’s mesh at the top, right, and left panels offer plenty of airflow for proper thermal management. In addition, the A4-H20 has lots of storage space with mounts for 2 SSDs behind the front panel.



A redesign of the original V3000, the V3000+ is a modernized aluminum full tower case that masters water cooling, airflow, modularity, storage, and high-performance component compatibility. With support for up to three 480mm radiators plus a 360mm radiator, sixteen 120mm fans, two systems, two PSUs, and horizontal or vertical GPU up to 420mm in length, the V3000+ is the ultimate case for the performance systems. Up to 16 HDDs or 19 SSDs can be fitted in the V3000+, enough to turn this case into a powerful storage server. With a tempered glass panel on the left, meshed top panel and shroud panels, solid front and right side panels, the V3000+ also includes accents of RGB around the front panel which can be controlled by a magnet-mount remote control.



Designed as an airflow optimized O11 Dynamic, the O11D EVO offers features of the O11D XL in the footprint of the O11 Dynamic. The 2 aluminum panels at the top and right side feature a redesigned mesh that acts as a dust filter while providing the system with unparalleled airflow. The aluminum strip at the front of the case is a flip panel that covers the case-control buttons, as well as an optional SDD case for two 2.5” SSDs or HDDs. In terms of compatibility, the O11D EVO supports motherboards ranging from E-ATX to MINI ITX, GPUs up to 445mm long, and PSUs up to 200mm in length. Users now have the option to place their GPU beside the motherboard, in an upright position. As for radiators, fans, and storage support, three modular brackets which can be arranged for either 280/360 radiators/fans, or 2.5”/3.5” SSDs/HDDs are included.


New Product Updates

LIAN LI also has updates of its award-winning products that will launch in the coming months. The O11D MINI adds a Snow Edition with an all-white interior and exterior, removing black accents from the previous white version. SFX power supplies will be bundled with the O11D MINI in the SP750 and SP850 editions. In addition, the second generation of the innovative interconnecting fan series, UNI FAN AL120 and AL140, and an update on L-Connect with more software options and the ability to control all LIAN LI RGB devices.

To catch the full 2021 DIGITAL EXPO, make sure to subscribe to the LIAN LI YouTube channel here.


LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd is one of the world’s leading consumer brands for PC chassis. With over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing PC chassis under its own name and community projects, the company has produced some of the most iconic designs to date. LIAN LI’s award-winning products are sold worldwide to PC enthusiasts, builders, and gamers. To learn more about LIAN LI, please visit You can also visit LIAN LI on FacebookInstagramand YouTube.

-John Nester (Blaylock)

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That will be my next case NZXT lost my confidence...

I liked the Lancool I used as a case more than I like my NZXT.

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The O11D Evo sounds great.

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I'm looking at that sucka too... :)

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Which one?

The V3000 plus , I tried smaller cases and they are too hard for me to work in. That seems to be the only full sized.

Or is the 011D considered Full Size?

I can also work with a Lancool again , but a black one this time, built my Daughter and SIL's in a White one.

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I like the V3000+ too. Hoping to review one when they come out but I'm not holding my breath.

The 011D has multiple versions. The 011D XL is a full size chassis.

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