Raid 0 Stripe Size Comparison

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Jmke over at has put the question of optimal Raid 0 stripe size for SSDs in its final resting place. His article published today summarizes the results of over 1200 benchmark runs!

We all know that two is better than one, we have dual core CPUs, dual GPU video cards, and if you really want to get the most out of your storage, a set of SSDs in RAID will boost your performance noticeably. We tested 6 different RAID stripe sizes and 3 different RAID configs in 4 different storage benchmarks, some synthetic, others real world operations. More than 1200 benchmarks results summed up in a few charts.

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A good read, and really dedicated work running the tests! Thanks jmke!


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  1. Cool!!!
    I wonder why HDTune was used seeing as how the results are not consistent and tend to be inaccurate... Unless there is a newer version out???
    Great article! Although, it has more graphs than I care to look at hahaha. Plus, the conclusion is nice and straight forward. Tells you exactly what you want to know.