Moocow Live Benching on Dry Ice Today

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Update: moocow is now done with this benching session.

Benching Team member moocow will be live benching today at 2:30 pm EST using Dry Ice (dice). Here are the details:

  • CPU: e8600
  • GPU: 1x MSI Radeon 5870
  • Mobo: Foxconn Blackops
  • Cooling: Dry Ice on the CPU and Northbridge. Lots of fans on everything else
  • Ram: 2x2gb Mushkin Redlines (8-8-8 @2000mhz)
  • Focus: SPI, wprime, pifast, Big emphasis on 3dmark 01 and 3dmark 03.
  • Where: Watch him here at Overclockers Live – Stage 1

Stop by and support Moocow as he grabs more boints for the Benching Team!

– splat


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