MultiVID Update

This is still pretty much a forum development, but the multiple VID CPUs are continuing to do well, with few reporting overclocking problems.

Based on what our forums are telling us, this is true for both the 2.4B SL6RZand the 2.53 SL6S2

We’re generally seeing 3.2-3.4GHz results without a whole lot of overclocking effort and little extra voltage (indeed, voltage increase over 10% don’t seem to do any good). In fact, a few have found that they can undervolt the CPU and get over 3GHz at below default voltage. Not every one, one here and there says they can’t even reach 3GHz with it.

Take it for what it’s worth, but there seems to be “good” and “bad” SL6RZs. The Costa Rica and “L” Malaysian ones seem good, the “Q” Malaysians aren’t as good.

Most of those reported are still coming from Fry’s and its website, However, quite a few people are reporting getting 2.4GHz CPUs with many bent pins from Outpost. A lot of the Outpost chips are also “Q”s.

A few Dell machines are also coming with the SL6RZ chip installed, and a couple people have managed to find them at computer shows.

Price Flattening

It somewhat surprised me that folks weren’t looking for lower-priced PIVs that were multividded.

Then I went to Pricewatch and priced.

There is no longer much of a difference between the price of a 1.8A and that of a 2.4GHz, only about $20.

It will probably be a lot more practical for people to look for 2.4B multiple vid processors that are out there rather than 1.8As that may not be.

But wouldn’t an 80%+ overclock of 1.5GHz or more be something from a mult vid 1.8?

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