My Radeon 9700 Experiences

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I have built nine machines with the Radeon9700 in the past
week and a half. Three of these systems had AGP 8X boards.

I have not noticed any specific problem that i can
attribute to AGP 8x, BUT their is something about 8X
boards and the Radeon 9700.

I have noticed that both the AGP 8x boards and the 9700 put more stress on
the 3.3V rail on the power supply. I suspect that the
combination of the two is the major (if not only) issue with
8x and 9700’s.

If you’re having problems with a 9700 and 8x board, I
suggest checking how well your power supply can handle
a heavy load on the 3.3v rail.

I have had success with Enermax and Sparkle power supplies.
I have had problems with Raidmax, Allied, and Deer.

The “cure” of a good power supply has worked everytime I have had a
problem, and so far, I have had 5 of them.

I have also had power-related difficulties with a few 4x boards in loaded
boxes: so far, a GA8IEXP and
an IT7 MAX with-related PS problems.

I have used ATI, Gigabyte and Sapphire cards so far, but as far as i could
tell, their was no difference between the three as far
as stability was concerned.

Good luck, and hope this helps somebody.



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