Orange Shift

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I made a comment in yesterday’s sales page about Epson’s “orange shift.”

A few more details:

Basically, the inks used in the cartridge used by many Epson printers get attacked by ozone, and either fade or change color within a fairly short length of time. Even Epson admits that.

Would you have that problem? Maybe, maybe not. The problem is Mr. Ozone doesn’t show up at your door and say, “I’m here! Hide your Epson prints!” Nor can you persuade Mr. Ozone to leave your prints alone while they’re going through the mail.

Which printers are affected? Looks like all Epson six-color printers, at least according to this guy who’s done a bunch of testing. That would include the 780, the 785, the 870, the 875, and the 1270/1280/1290. This page will also give you a link to Epson buying 870, 875 and 1270 printers back from customers experiencing this problem.

Looks like a situation you should avoid, unless your prints are just throw-aways.

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