The arrival of the Atom processor and platform later this year will probably be viewed as the dawn of what we’re calling tinycomputing, much as the introduction of the IBM PC is commonly regarded as the dawn of the PC era. For sure, the first Atom-based computers won’t be the… Read More

Speeze IceStream

SUMMARY: Crazy PC AKASA The fan is an Everflow Model #R127015DU – a 70 x 15mm unit rated at 26 cfm @ 4200 rpm. I found it to be tolerably quiet – I measured its noise at 62 dBA with a Radio Shack sound meter 8″ from the fan’s intake,… Read More


Microsoft is making all sorts of more-than-irritating noises lately to just about anyone and everyone. It’s not just product activation. The corporate sector is getting told essentially, “Give us more money and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll upgrade when we tell you ‘Jump.’ Why are they doing… Read More

Paying Does Not Pay

A few days ago, I wrote a piece talking about the revenue crunch affecting many websites, and talking about the inevitability for independent sites to move towards some sort of paying model. I think a lot of you may have thought we were going to do this Real Soon Now,… Read More