Phanteks announces Evolv Shift 2 and Shift 2 Air mITX Chassis

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Phanteks has just announced the next evolutionary phase of the mITX Shift case with its new Evolv Shift 2 and Evolv Shift 2 Air. This unique, vertical form factor has proven to be highly successful at creating an ultra-compact footprint. The new Shift 2 and Shift 2 Air will feature D-RGB lighting, concealed rear I/O, and GPU support up to a 2.9 slot cooler. The Shift 2 Air employs fabric mesh side panels for maximum airflow, while the Shift 2 uses a pair of tempered glass side panels. The Shift 2 retails for $99.99, while the Shift 2 Air sells for $109.99. Here are some highlights from the press release.

Phanteks EVOLV Shift 2 & EVOLV Shift 2 Air

The Stylish ITX Chassis

The Evolv Shift 2 builds on the unique form factor of the original Evolv Shift and brings a compact chassis that packs plenty of power and is extremely space efficient with its small footprint. D-RGB lighting has been integrated in a subtle and stylish way and all rear IO is concealed yet easily accessible with a touch on the top panel. With support for large and powerful GPUs with up to a 2.9 slot cooler, the Evolv Shift 2 makes powerful gaming setups possible while the vented top, bottom and rear panel provide plenty of airflow options. The Evolv Shift 2 will look impressive anywhere with either the tempered glass panels or mesh fabric on both sides with the Evolv Shift 2 Air.

Features List

  • Unique vertical form factor features ultra-small footprint for versatile placement
  • Great accessibility with direct access to the motherboard and GPU ‘Rear-IO’ with a simple press on the top panel
  • Premium quality materials such as 3 mm thick anodized aluminum, tempered glass and mesh fabric
  • Support for large 2.9 slot graphics cards up to 335 mm long• Support for CPU coolers up to 85 mm high
  • Highly improved airflow design for optimal cooling
  • Support for 2 x 2.5” SSD and 1 x 3.5” HDD, that can be swapped with an additional 2x 2.5” SSD with optional bracket
  • Support for SFX or SFX-L power supply
  • Supports 3 x 120/140 mm fan locations
  • Supports a 120 mm AIO cooler
  • Improved cable management with smart cable routing options to create a clean interior
  • Integrated D-RGB Lighting that can be further expanded and synced with motherboards
  • Software-free lighting control featuring tasteful D-RGB colors and lighting effects
  • Comes included with 1x SK 140 mm D-RGB PWM fan (Shift 2 models only)
  • Comes included with 1x SK 140 mm PWM fan (Shift 2 Air models only)

Unique Vertical Form Factor

The unique vertical form-factor gives the Evolv Shift 2 several useful advantages. The ultra-small footprint gives you more flexiblity for placing the Evolv Shift 2 on a desk or furniture while the top grill opens with a simple touch to offer direct access to the ‘rear-IO’ ports of the motherboard and GPU. All external cables are hidden by this top panel , which results in an extremely clean look from every side.During the building process all 4 panels can be easily removed so the components can be accesed from all sides.

Large GPU Support

The Evolv Shift 2 supports high-end GPUs with up to 2.9 slot coolers for powerful gaming systems. The maximum height of the GPU is 335 mm, and the maximum width is 150 mm.

Improved Airflow Path

The Evolv Shift 2 offers an improved airflow path, with active intake from the bottom and exhaust to the rear. The front panel features Ultrafine-Mesh parts for passive intake, while the top grill features mesh for passive exhaust.

EVOLV Series Addition

In the Phanteks Evolv Series, the Evolv Shift 2 and the Evolv Shift 2 Air provide a unique form-factor and ultra-small footprint. This expands the Evolv Series with a compact and flexible chassis that brings the premium style and material quality known from the Evolv Series.With a retail price of $99.99 / €99.90 to $109.99 / €109.90, the Evolv Shift 2 offers premium quality at a very competitive level.

Package Contents

The Evolv Shift 2 / Evolv Shift 2 Air comes packed with all necessary accessories to build a complete system. Both models come with a 140mm fan and the riser cable pre-installed.Evolv Shift 2: PH-ES217E_BK02 / PH-ES217E_AG02Evolv Shift 2 Air: PH-ES217A_BK02 / PH-ES217A_AG02

-John Nester (Blaylock)


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