PIV Inferno. . .

The 3.06 PIV has a maximum thermal power rating of 82 watts. That’s running at stock speed, at 1.525V.

Trying to cool just that made Intel come up with a this page. It looks an awful lot like an AVC Sunflower, and I can vouch that’s a good deal noisier than the “old” Intel retail cooler. Hardly a Delta 7K, but you’ll know it’s there.

If you want to go north of 3.5GHz with it, and give it even just a 10% increase in voltage, that 82 watts will become more like 110 watts pretty easily.

Never mind being Dr. Frankenstein with it. Run at 1.85V, and we’re not too far away from 150 watts.

Yes, the PIV is bigger than the Athlons, but even given that, we’re looking at 0.8-1 watt per square millimeter, and that’s right up there with the AMD chips.

Yes, it has a heat spreader, but if you’re refrigerating your CPU, you’d better make sure your refrigerator can handle it.

Also keep in mind that the 3.06 is a delicate little thing; maximum TCase temp of only 69C.

If Intel = Peace and Quiet in your head, you’d best settle for 3GHz, and wait for the next generation. It’s going to get hot and noisy for a while.


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