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Every week on the Forums we recognize our Top 10 output leaders for the week and every other week list member milestones for total points. However, some of our members are, literally, World Class and deserve special recognition for their SETI@Home efforts. Each of these members is in the Top 100 in the SETI@Home World of 175,000+ active and over one million total participants and has put forth considerable effort toward SETI@Home and the Team. Today we honor their commitment with their comments and a brief look at their personal lives:

Razorface started crunching in August of 2001 and is currently ranked 44th in total points and 24th in RAC, a rating of daily output. Razorface is an EE and worked for HP for 21 years before (semi-)retiring from the computer business. Besides keeping watch over his twenty-something unit SETI farm he enjoys cooking/eating, traveling, growing orchids, and collecting stamps, postcards, and vintage HP equipment. And why does Razorface crunch SETI? “I do think other intelligence exists, but don’t think we will ever discover them. … However, I enjoy the competition for credits within my team (Overclockers!) as well as the community at large.

SameOldFatMan started running SETI@Home in December 2002, though he only recently joined our team. He’s currently ranked at 71st with an RAC putting him at 67th in the world. SameOldFatMan lives in OKC, OK, and owns a computer repair shop. In his own words he is, “Just a Fat Old Guy who likes computers. I believe that we are not alone, however the odds that in my lifetime we find or are found by ET are remote. Remote does not mean impossible and thats why I do this.

Al Stein, another recent and valuable addition to our team, has been crunching a lot of numbers since December 1999, when SETI was nothing more than a screen saver app. Al’s twelve-plus machines have a total output of ~44,000 RAC putting him at 66th in the world. He is a software Java/Java Script developer and is “a hardware geek that loves to build systems when I can get a good overclock on them.”  Al keeps running SETI because, “Being a geek I like that I can be part of a bigger science picture.

btoups has been crunching since October 2005, just one month after joining Overclockers, and is currently ranked 83rd in the SETI’s world community in total points. btoups currently runs an E7200, a Xeon, and an i7 with four other machines at various times. btoups is an LSU fan and his signature reads, “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in side-ways, totally worn out, shouting: “Holy ****!…What a ride!

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