Skinnee Labs Review Phobya G-Changer 360 v1.2

Skinnee Labs have written some top quality cooling reviews and articles

Skinnee Labs is known for some of the best reviews and articles on PC cooling on the internet. Recently, they have reviewed the Phobya G-Changer 360 v 1.2, a large radiator from the

Phobya quietly entered the watercooling market in late 2008 with a socket 775 CPU look that was quite different from others on the market, an extremely thin base and complex injector plate. Their expanding product line has been primarily available in Europe – Phobya is a German company after all – but the products are finally starting to make their way to the USA and Australia thanks to their primary distributor, Aqua Tuning. There have been rumors abound that the G-Changer is a close match or even a copy of a similar named radiator, but as you will see the similarities are mostly product naming. SkineeLabs have changed their review procedure this year, and this is one of the first products to run the new gauntlet.

Head over to Skinnee Labs to see how the Phobya G-Changer performs

Box shot
Box shot
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The G-Changer is not a copy of a similarly named radiator; the only thing similar is the name. The performance of the G-Changer is targeted for medium speed fans versus higher speed, which is probably where the bulk of us run our fans.

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