Some More T2B Tidbits

The revised AMD datasheets for Thoroughbred are now available, covering both TB and T2B.

(From now on, we’ll use “TB” to indicate Thoroughbred, Revision 1 and T2B to indicate Thoroughbred, Revision 2. Yes, we know “TB” also means tuberculosis. We think overclockers should avoid the original Thoroughbred like tuberculosis. 🙂

It says:

The slowest T2B will be a 2000+ You can see details about these processors on page 22 of the document. Voltages in the initial range will be 1.6-1.65V.

This is not to say we’re likely to see a T2B 2000+ anytime soon. AMD now has three different processors at 2000+: the original Palomino XP; the purported TB 2000+, and this new one.

The more likely short-term overclocking candidate will be the 2200+. There will still be TBs to clear out, but not many places are selling them, anyway.

AMD seems to be hoping that they can cluster prices much more closely in the mid-range than they’re getting now. Don’t know if that will work, but we’re probably talking about a price range of $95-120 for the 2200+ once things settle down.

As we mentioned yesterday, the Pricewatch price of the 2400+ will likely hover around $130 after the Intel price cuts come into effect. AMD will try to get more, but probably won’t for any long period of time.

AMD processors are perfectly capable of “officially” running at 166MHz FSB. You just need the proper circit on the motherboard (which at least 333-class mobo probably already have).

Take a look at “FSB_Sense[1:0] Pins” on page 69 of the document. You’ll see one of the defined states as 166MHz.

I suppose you could do something with the pins to make a 133MHz processor run at 166MHz on the right mobo, just don’t know why you’d want to when you can do the same much more flexibly in BIOS, but this may come in handy someday.



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