Son of Intel Employee Missing in Oregon

During my daily news routine, I came across a troubling story over at Anandtech. It appears the son of an Intel employee has gone missing somewhere in Multnomah County, Oregon. Here is a brief description of the child, Kyron Horman:

He is 3’8″ tall, weighs 50 lbs and has brown hair/blue eyes. He was last seen wearing black cargo pants, white socks and worn black Sketcher tennis shoes with orange trim.

From, here is “a photo posted on his stepmother’s Facebook page shows Kyron Horman in front of his science fair project, wearing the “CSI” T-shirt he was last seen in.”

Photo of Kyron Horman - Image Courtesy

Persons with any knowledge of his whereabouts, please contact the Multnomah County Sherrif’s Tip Line at 503-261-2847.

For more information check out the article on Anandtech or a more detailed story on

If you live in Oregon, I urge you to keep your eyes and ears open. is a tight-knit team, but the hardware world as a whole is part of a larger community, so this is a time to band together. On behalf of the community, we send our thoughts and prayers out to the Horman family.


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Sad, sad stuff. I hope the police and search team can locate this child. Seriously guys, I know it sounds trivial, but keep your eyes and ears open. It only takes one person to help this child, so if we are all aware of the situation, it may help the cause.


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Updated the article this morning with a photo. Anyone near the area, please be alert and on the lookout for him.

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OCF's very own amber alert!

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