Stop Overclocking and Stop Bitching!

Other than increasing the core speed of the CPU, what good would it be to
get a 133mhz FSB? As I am sure you know its bus is DDR, and the RAM speed is
independent of the FSB. So you can have a 100(200)mhz FSB setting and the
RAM will still run at 133mhz, and a 120mhz FSB setting is actually 40mhz
faster than the standard setting, since it is actually running at 240mhz.

And I understand why AMD locked the multiplier, they have to try and appeal
to a larger market, or else they wont beable to compete with intel. AMD also
puts the speed (MHz) directly onto the die with a laser – tricky to remove
without damaging the chip itself. Kind of like when metallica changed their
style in 1995 or so, aiming at a more ‘modern’ music listening group so they
can make more money, since the number of metalheads was decreasing.

And CPUs arent all that expensive, just buy a higher end processor instead
overclocking and STOP BITCHING.

Thank you for your time,


Editorial notes:

All the 200Mhz bus speed means is that the motherboard can process FROM all sources at 200Mhz. The RAM is still running at 100Mhz, the Athlon bus doesn’t do anything to increase its speed..

The larger market isn’t affected one iota by this. It’s a nonfactor. Locking the multiplier doesn’t make their CPU one bit more desirable for any reason.

Does anyone want to explain to this guy why people overclock and what free speech is?

If you do, send him a note (don’t send him hate mail, calmly explain why you do what you do, and why you have a right to complain. Send me a copy. I’ll include the best in an upcoming article on why we do what we do.

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