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I’m sending this email as a thank you for all the information your site has given me.

With all the information from reviews, articles, etc. I was able to build a PC from scratch and overclock it. With the help of another great site (; I was able to tweak it to blinding speeds.

My journey is two stories, actually. First, I went to a computer show here in NYC and picked up an Asus P3v4x mobo and a PIII 600EB Flip Chip, and Micron PC133 RAM. On the net, I picked up the Addtronics 6896a Case, an Alpha PEP-66 cpu cooler and a Golden Orb (mang that thang is purty).

When I had all that I needed (I also picked up a Hercules 3d Prophet Geforce2 32mb) I threw it all together and tried to overclock the processor but I could not get it stable past 647mhz.

I was so upset, but then I started remembering things I’ve read on your site about multipliers and FSB. I realized that this chip only had a 4.5 multiplier and I would have to raise the FSB very high to get the speeds I desired (800+).

So off I went the next Saturday to another show and picked up a PIII 700 100fsb Flip Chip. When I got this baby home, I threw it in the box and set the FSB at 133 right off the bat with my AGP divider at 1/2 for 66mhz, and voltage at 1.75). I booted into Windows and stayed at 937mhz for 2 or 3 weeks.

I then got some more courage and tried for 1ghz+ but, alas, the best I could do with the current set up is 980mhz (get into Windows, but crash on 3d games).

I settled for 966. I can’t believe I used to buy complete systems. LOL, that’s for suckers. I built this system with a Geforce2 costing almost $400 for about the cost of a 1ghz PIII cpu.

I love the P3V4X with the updated drivers and the memory interweaving fix this board kicks major buttocks. I use sCary’s bigass1 demo as my main benchmark because it’s what I’ve used since my first Packard Bell Pentium 100 with 8 Mb ram and 1 Mb VRAM (LOL those were the days).

I now get 250+ fps in that timedemo and when i’m playing q3 with my best performance stting i often see 300+ fps (COM_MAXFS 0).

My system is:

  • PIII 700 @ 966mhx
  • 128mdb Micron Ram
  • Hercules 32mb GeForce2 cooled with Golden Orb attached (another story) OC to 210 core and 380 memory
  • 18gb IBM 7200 rpm hd
  • 10gb western Digital 7200 rpm hd
  • 19inch Sony Trinitron Monitor
  • Addtronics 6896a Case
  • 52x Creative Labs Cd rom
  • HP 24x 8x 4x CD writer
  • SB Live Value

For cooling:

  • 8 92mm Case fans: 6 of them glued together in a block
  • HD cooler
  • PCI exhaust fan
  • 1 120 case fan
  • PEP-66 Alpha Cooler
  • I Sunon 115v ac fan

I know my system is stable because I play quake III arena everyday NOOOOOOO Problems (agp fast write is enabled)




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