The $25 CPU 1664

XBitLabs reports that AMD will be coming out with a cheap CPU codenamed Applebred on it.

Once upon a time, AMD planned on having a Duron successor called Appaloosa. They currently make Thoroughbreds, so I guess where the name comes from.

To Circumcize Or Not To Circumcize?

This is obviously going to based on the Thoroughbred core. The only question is, “Will it be gelded (by knife or design) or not?”

On the one hand, if they don’t, it’s hard to see how a 1800MHz Appalbred would be any worse than a Thornton 2000+; it probably would be better.

On the other hand, the XBitLabs article says that a 1.4GHz Applebred would beat a 2GHz Celeron. That claim would be solid with an effective renamed ThoroughAppalbred. It would become more questionable with one that had a 128K or smaller L2 cache (though the performance dropoff would be less than with the PIV/Celeron circumcision, presuming a castrated Applebred retained the 128K L1 cache).

We’ll just have to see.

NOW You Drop PR???

The XBitLabs article says that these processors will be sold at their core frequencies. No PR. It also says that these processors are supposed to compete against Celerons.

This is insane.

People have bitched and moaned about PR since AMD brought it back, and maybe they bent it a little when they put out the 3000+ and 3200+.

Yet when Intel put out a processor with 1/4 the cache of a PIV which drop performance around 20-25%, and gave it the same performance “number” as a PIV, practically no one says anything about that.

Which is worse and more misleading? Only the conceptually challenged would pick AMD; those who think two pints of milk is more than one liter.

Yet just at the moment when PR could erase this nonsense, AMD drops it. So Joe Sixpack goes to Best Buy and sees a 1.4GHz Appalbred and a 2.0GHz Celeron for maybe $50 or $75 more. Guess what he is likely to pick.

I’d have no problem at all if AMD called a 1.4GHz Appalbreds a 2000C+ or something like that. If that’s the competition and comparison, and the people doing the comparison are especially likely to go just by the MHz tag, why suddenly handicap yourself 40%????

The $25 CPU…

Revenge Against The Nerds…