Many of you are aware of MSI’s efforts to limit voltage changes in their mobos when Prescotts get inserted.

Now I just got this email:

I have a Prescott 2.8 and a DFI 875P. With the newest BIOS update the board will not let you change the FSB at all. You can change it in the BIOS BUT it will not take effect after you save the settings and reboot. When you hit the post again it still shows up at 2.8. On the BIPS that came with the board it would allow you to overclock. I got the board from a DFI rep and I am going to contact her and see what she has to say.

If you go to the DFI site, and look at the BIOS page for this mobo, the description of the latest BIOS says the following:

Description: To update micro code of Prescott CPU conforming to spec FMB 1.0+


I took a look at the Asus website. For its very latest BIOS update for the P4C800 Deluxe, it provides this interesting explanation:

Fix Prescott Locked CPU cant run to highest frequency.

I looked at a few others, also, and what they all had in common was two sets of BIOS revisions to deal with Prescott. The first was to provide the necessary microcodes to run Prescott, nothing unusual about that.

The second set, which were generally introduced sometime in February, seems to the one in which interesting things started happening.

It probably would be a good idea to ask those (probably few) Prescott owners if anything funny like this is going on with their machines.

If so, could you send me a note to the special email address linked below so we can compile what’s going on if indeed there is something going on? Thanks!


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