VR-Zone: Sandy Bridge-E to Ship Sans Cooler

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No Stock Cooler?
No Stock Cooler?

This definitely seems worthy of a mention. VR-Zone says they have a source telling them Sandy Bridge-E chips will ship without coolers.

How many of you rely on aftermarket coolers for your CPU? We don’t know anyone that thinks Intel’s stock coolers are great and when details reached us of Intel not shipping coolers with its upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors we were at first surprised, but considering the target market it makes a lot of sense.

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To many an overclocker, this is certainly a logical step. Hopefully it will result in ever so slightly reduced prices, but for now consider me skeptical on that point. If nothing else, it will reduce a tad bit of e-waste from the enthusiast’s junk pile.

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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