VR-Zone: Sandy Bridge-E to Ship Sans Cooler

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No Stock Cooler?
No Stock Cooler?

This definitely seems worthy of a mention. VR-Zone says they have a source telling them Sandy Bridge-E chips will ship without coolers.

How many of you rely on aftermarket coolers for your CPU? We don’t know anyone that thinks Intel’s stock coolers are great and when details reached us of Intel not shipping coolers with its upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors we were at first surprised, but considering the target market it makes a lot of sense.

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To many an overclocker, this is certainly a logical step. Hopefully it will result in ever so slightly reduced prices, but for now consider me skeptical on that point. If nothing else, it will reduce a tad bit of e-waste from the enthusiast’s junk pile.

– Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

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  1. we're hearing that although the rated TDP is 130W these beasts are consuming closer to 180W and that's without even overclocking them. In fact, according to PSU design guidance we've seen, Intel is telling power supply makers to make sure their Sandy Bridge-E PSUs can cope with a peak current of 23A on the 12V2 rail

    Yea, probably a cost thing that made them decide to do that. Seeing as the standard cooler they have been supplying will certainly not keep those cool at even stock speeds.
    Also those really nice heat-pipe style coolers are probably expensive.
    But why not just up the price a little and ship them with the nice coolers rather than non at all.:screwy:
    E is for Enthusiasts and we want top of the line coolers that fit our tastes, obviously to satisfy most enthusiasts the cooler would have to be equivalent of TRUE, and intel isnt about to ship their cpus with $60-$80 dollar heatsinks, and they figure most enthusiasts will get aftermarket heatsink they want regardless of how good stock heatsink is, and general public will probably stick with regular sandy bridge cpus for the most part
    For a completely stock system, why waste the money on an aftermarket cooler other than to make it quieter? I don't have a single system that is using the stock heatsink (sans servers, of course), so I'm not affected by this change.
    Best solution IMO would to ask major retailers such as Newegg/Microcenter/Fry's to offer the CPU and Intel cooler as a combo package for the same price as the CPU. Buy it if you want it, leave it if you don't.
    I guess this means that OEMs will have to outsource to another manufacturer for CPU coolers?
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