What Are You Thinking Now?

On Saturday, we spoke about the introduction of Winchester chips, the upcoming introduction of 90nm Semprons, and some likely or at least possible additional moves we may see in the months ahead.

Given all that, it’s pretty hard to make a call as to what to do.

The initial Winchester results may not be all too appealing, but at least they weren’t too surprising. The 90nm Semprons, though, really do change the whole picture given the predilections of this audience.

Put simply, what is more likely to be the overclocker’s weapon of choice over the next year? Will it be an Athlon64/socket 939 platform, or will it be a less capable but rather cheaper Sempron/socket 754 system? Or will it be neither for most because neither really offers enough improvement for many to junk current socket A systems?

What do you think?

What I’d hear are your comments about the whole situation, especially those opinions on what factors or changes are most likely to get you to buy something, in short, “What will get me to buy?”

If you’re confused as hell and don’t know what to think, you can say that, too. 🙂

Intel folks can chime in, too.

We’ll take the best/most representative comments and put them in a series of articles beginning Wednesday. No names will be used, so feel free to speak freely.

The email address is below, and thanks in advance for your comments. Consider this a sort of an AMD focus group. 🙂


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