A Real Rumble?

Disclaimer: No representation is made or intended to express an opinion as to who legally, morally, Biblically, or anything-elsely deserves or
is entitled to any land discussed here.

The Register reports that Intel’s Fab 18, which is the one responsible for bringing the first Willamette into the world, is built on the
site of a destroyed Palestinian village.

Before you starting envisioning AMD technicians equipping somebody with REALLY smart weapons programmed to seek and destroy any Willys it can find, or Jerry Sanders is flying to the Middle East to give tips on street fighting techniques,
a little history and geography.

What is now called the town of Qiryat Gat indeed used to be a Palestinian village called Al Faluja. However, the Israelis occupied and pretty much leveled the village back in 1948, during the first Middle East war.

In 1955, they established an Israeli town on the spot. First meant to be an small agricultural center, the area’s population has jumped quite a lot (up to around 50,000) over the last ten years, some of it no doubt due to Intel building a fab unit there a few years back.

Qiryat Gat is about twenty miles northwest of the city of Gaza, and maybe about ten miles from the edge of the Gaza Strip.

While there are certainly some Palestinians who haven’t forgotten about this and want it back; Qiryat Gat is not considered part of the Gaza Strip and thus is not part of the territory the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been negotiating about.

While it’s certainly possible that the Intel plant might be subject to some kind of attack if current troubles escalate much further, it’s not exactly on the front line. I really, really doubt the PLO would take out an American plant considered critical to a major American corporation, which would really piss off Bill Clinton or his successor.

However, more extremist groups seek to sabotage any possible peace accord would
find just that likely result an excellent reason to do just that.

Given the location of the place, and no doubt some private discussions between Intel and the Israeli government, something tells me quite a few somebodies are keeping an eye on the place.

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