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FRONTPAGE AMD Ryzen 7 2700, Ryzen 5 2600 and StoreMI Review

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Nov 1, 1998
Today*We have*the follow-up*review of the Ryzen 7 2700 and the Ryzen 5 2600 CPUs. These are AMD's lower wattage versions of the new Pinnacle Ridge eight and six-core CPUs.*As mentioned in the*Ryzen 7 2700X review, AMD has successfully raised the clock speeds, lowered latency, and improved memory speeds/compatibility with its updated Zen+ architecture. I'm sure this is going to show in the Ryzen 7 2700 and Ryzen 5 2600 as well since all four CPUs are based on the same Global Foundries' 12LP process.

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I once overclocked an Intel
Mar 3, 2008
I would really like to see StorageMI have its own article. I really like the idea of a deep learning file system on my system. So lets see the before and afters on a single setup using a mix of drives.


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Dec 4, 2011
Satan's Colon, US
Well done. AMD is on a roll, still. StoreMI is a nifty little feature. With 53 GB of music and 840 GB of DVR recordings on a 4 TB HDD I could probably put that to good use. Team Red continues to tempt me with performance and innovation.

Semi related topic. I'm looking forward to this.
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Mar 30, 2019
I'm curious about this technology but I have my fears... I have a 240GB SSD drive just for Windows 10, another 480 GB SSD for rapid access files, like games, and a 2 TB HD for large files that not need high speed, like movies or music. I do a lot of testing on my computer and my Windows frequently became unstable. Because of that, I frequently need to restore my partition image to return to a stable system and that is the problem. I don't know what StoreMI would do if I use a restore partition software (I use Backupper Standard Free, excellent program). If StoreMI move files from one drive to another all the time, the restore process can destroy information that was saved on another drive when I saved that partition image. I believe that StoreMI must be incompatible with partition restoration process. Or am I wrong?

Thanks for your great article!


Benching Team Leader Super Moderator
Dec 19, 2012
I can't be 100% certain since I never tested it but I would think that if your software can back up a RAID then it should work to back up the StoreMI virtual disk. They do have instructions about cloning in their FAQ In your situation, I'm not really sure where StoreMI would benefit you.