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How great is IE!!!!!

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Feb 6, 2002
First an intro: Sun Microsystems has prosecuted (sued) Microsoft because Microsoft has broken the deal the two firms had with eachother considered Microsofts use of JavaScript (which Sun developed and owns). Sun are accusing Microsoft of making their own Java based on Suns's, and making the original version of Sun inkompitable with IE. Some evidence might be the proved if you follow the steps beneath. This script causes no problems for aplications using Suns specifications for Java!

1. Make a new file called "IEcrash.txt"

2. The following page is in Norweigan, but I couldn't manage to get the script in here, so just copy it from the following address: Note! Only copy the code starting with html and ending with /html. Don't care about the rest


3. Rename the file "IEcrash.txt" to "IEcrash.html"

4. Open Internet Explorer

5. Turn down your volume

6. Press Ctrl-O (open), browse and find the "IEcrash.html" file

7. Press enter

8. Watch

9. Try to open the "IEcrash.html" in other aplications like Opera, Mozilla +++

I can't guearantee you won't have problems with this script, so do this on your own risk!
BUT: I ran this script on four different pc's, and had no problems at all with any of them, so the script is tested and found ok from me and the people at hardware.no (sort of the norweigan tomshardware.com), but considered you might get prosecuted for everything in the USA, I just added the warning.

Sorry about the crappy english... Bear with me!

Wait, I'm confused. Javascript was made by Netscape, it is unrelated to Suns' Java. I'm stuck on why this would/wouldn't work on applications using Suns specifications.
MS's J++ is based on Sun's Java sure, but Javascript is owned by NS (and it's cohort ECMAscript is owned by europeans :p). Sun is mainly ****ed because MS didn't include JVM and JDK with XP. of course, you shouldn't be using XP either :p.