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FEATURED Marathon Season VII February: 3DMark 11 Performance

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Dec 19, 2012
Got a bit behind the ball just super busy this weekend but here it is, enjoy! As was pointed out by a fellow member UL now makes users go through STEAM so here's some alternate links for those who need it. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/3dmark-11-basic-edition-download.html
Here's one ||console|| dug up from FM http://www.futuremark.com/downloads...960.714299196.1549579426-150122586.1477702081

What: 3DMARK 11 Performance
Who: any forum member
GPU: any GPU
Cooling: any cooling type
When: Ends: February 28th, 12 Midnight EST
Background: Use supplied background
Download : 3DMARK 11 http://hwbot.org/news/8624_application_29_rules/
Full Competition Rules: Here
I would also like this format used at the top of your post please UserName/GPU/Cooling/ Score



MetalRacer / RTX 2080 Ti / Air / 42543
Johan45/ 1080Ti/ Air/ 39364
Witchdoctor / RTX 2080 Ti / Water / 37370
Witchdoctor / RTX 2080 Ti / Water / 37091
Johan45/ 1080Ti/ AIR/ 35592
mackerel / 1080 Ti / air / 30241
Earthdog/RTX 2080 Ti FE/Stock Air/30179
LRG5 / GTX 1080 TI / Air / 29423 stock ( x370)
LRG5 / Radeon7 / Air / 28722
(G{in}[AK)TION] / 1080ti / AIR / 28555 (7900x@ 4.3avx/4.5 all core score)
Johan45/ RTX2060/ AIR/ 28269
Johan45/ R9 290X/ AIR/ 22149
Johan45/ RX 580/ AIR/ 21478
(G{in}[AK)TION] / 1070 / AIR / 21243 (2700x @ 4.2ghz all core score)
XRogerX / GTX 1070 SC / Water / 20489
(G{in}[AK)TION] / 1070 / AIR / 20340 (7700k@ 4.9ghz all core score)
freeagent / GTX 980 / Air / 16818
Kenrou / 1060 6gb / Air / 13643
MaddMutt / GTX-560Ti / AIR / 5776
ULTRATACO / GTX460 1GB / AIR / 4473


Johan45/ R9 290X CFX/ AIR/ 32391
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LRG5 / GTX 1080 TI / Air / 29423 stock ( x370)


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MetalRacer / RTX 2080 Ti / Air / 42543


Added some alternate link for 3DMark11 DL in the OP
Ahh crazy, I cant hang with these big GPU comps! GL to everyone, my current top card is a GTX680 haha, so I will sit this one out :sly:
You still get a point for trying mllr, doesn't matter, just for fun anyway.
I was able to run twice then I started getting results not found. But I see the score in "my results " but when I click on it it says not found again but I can see the info when I use the compare tool . Any suggestions?
Never seen that before but I typically don't submit online. If I need the verification link I save the file and upload it later.
You could try updating the sys info
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Its working today and I see see all the results .

On the basic version of mark11 I don't see a result in the program it opens the web page and see it there .
I had the same issue as you see in my screenshot, it gave an error every time I tried to update the info program. Gave up after 3 tries and just sent as it was.
I had the same issue as you see in my screenshot, it gave an error every time I tried to update the info program. Gave up after 3 tries and just sent as it was.
As long as it works, you can also DL the current sysinfo as a standalone and try to install that way.

Be careful Witchy, you know scratching an itch only makes it worse :muahaha:

If you format your result I'll add it to the OP
Managed a couple of benchmarks between testing sessions and wanted to see just how much of a PITA Win7 was to get installed on Z390

Johan45/ 1080Ti/ AIR/ 35592

3d11 35592.JPG

Johan45/ RTX2060/ AIR/ 28269

3d11 28269 2060.JPG