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Radiators/Heater Cores a bit of help please.

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Maximus Nickus

Senior Shaman
Oct 4, 2001
Milton Keynes, U.K.
I've got $48 MAX to buy a Radiator.
I've been looking at the ones on http://www.dangerden.com/mall/radiators.asp

I notice theres a Heater Core but it looks rather messy and doesn't give out a Wattage figure of heat is can disperse.
I would like something that can disperse over 1200-1300 Watts of heat.

Sorry about the stupidity (I can help better than ask!) but I'm really confused!

"1200-1300 Watts of heat"
why so much ?
go to http://www.autozone.com and order a heater core for a custom van. Make sure it is copper one. I order the one for 1986 chevette there for $16.99 + shipping. I'm not sure how many watt but it can cool dual MP2000, chipset and video card fine.
They only sell new one. The one I orderred is exactly the same as the one on dangerdan. The fitting is 5/8 but my 1/2 sillicone tubing fit fine without modifications.

If you want cheaper you could always go to junk yard and get one, You would have to clean and condition it. Look for watercool tip on front page. It would help you
I am in the UK anyway so I'll order off dangerden but is there Heatercore the best one they sell??

I mean its so cheap and tatty....compared to their Rads I mean.
I need a LOT of cooling power.

You could also get any heater core that fit your case at your local auto parts store. Just get a copper one. You also need to built push pull fan and shroud as posted before here.

That one will fit 4 120mm fan, hehe 2 on each side. And yes no mod is needed if you use 1/2 sillicone tube at dangerden
You mind tell me what you are going to cool with this rad. I'm sure it would be in the 1500Watt range.

Edit post to add link
Thats looks nice!

Thanks I'll order it, its a Heatercore right? Sorry about the fuss but I need to cool a hefty system!

I have a 400GPH pump, a 2.3V CPU and a soon to be Volt Modded 8500 and a N-Bridge at 170FSB! All running in Paralell!

Thanks, Have a :beer:
Malakai can the Heatercore you showed me support 4 120MM fans? I'm running them very slow (silent) so I have 4 for best performance....

Oh and I have 3/8th tubing so the other one is useless. THe Dangerdne one looks ok but Malakais looks awesome! I just hope it can fit my fans.....:D


I have found the same Radiator/Heater Core that Malakai found without the shroud, what does the shroud do? and is it worth the extra $$?

I already have all the long screw mountings.
ARGH!!!! I'm going mad!!!:beer: :beer: :beer:

I only have $48 and I need an awesome Heater Core that will fit 4x120mm fans and has 3/8th fittings!

I'm so confused:eek: :eek: :eek:
I'm also in the UK.
you need the shroud so all rad surface can be cool. It is very effective and worth the $$.
The one you choose you can place 2 fans not 4
If its powerful I'll get it!
I'll use the other fans for case fans.

Thanks for the help guys.
Man all the info was confusing me there for a minute!!!!!!!! Man looks like I'm crazed! Well at least I'm not so confused now, but I am tired (had to replace two brake disks + pads earlier took hours...) so I'll order it in the Morning (when I go to bed:rolleyes: ) as not too order the wrong thing!!!!